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Are you the fundraising chairman for your charity group? Are you thinking about all the work you're going to have to do? Do you hate hauling lots of products around? Do you hate having to go back and deliver products to each customer?
Well we have the solution for you. Whether you have a little league team, a scout troop, a school band, or a church youth group the MrJims.Pizza neighborhood pizza fundraiser is just what you need.
Our fundraiser involves the sale of pizza certificates. Each certificate allows the customer to pick-up a large pizza with one topping. You determine the amount you sell the certificate for and for each certificate sold you owe us 6.50. Most organizations sell the certificates between 8.50 and 10.00. You get full credit for any unsold certificates.
It is much easier to pick-up one box of certificates and take them to one meeting to distribute them than it is to deal with all the delivery, pick-up, spoilage, storage, and lifting headaches of the products normally sold such as candy.
You only have to contact your final customer one time. We give you the certificates on consignment. You assign certificates to your group members. They sell the certificates to their friends and neighbors. They collect payment at that moment and do not have to return to that customer. At the end of your fundraising drive group members turn in any unsold certificates and the money they received for the ones they did sell. You send us the unsold certificates and any money for the ones the group did sell and you're done. No hauling products or chasing up customers again.
If you would like more information contact:
Mike Christian
Director of Marketing
2521 Pepperwood Street
Farmers Branch, Texas 75234
972-267-5467 ext. 6
800-583-5960 ext. 6
NOW HIRING DRIVERS Touch here for application
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