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Pasta Marinara
Code: WEX
Cin Stix
Code: WEY
Brownie Bites
Code: WEZ
Small 2 Top
Code: WFA
Family size Bread Stix
Code: WFB
Pasta with 2 Toppings
Code: WFC
Medium 2 Top
Code: WFD
Large 1 Top [Pickup Only]
Code: WFE
Large Jim Stix
Code: WFF
Small Nacho Stix
Code: WFG
Large 1 Top
Code: WFH
Medium Specialty/ Premier
Code: WFJ
Large choose 2 Toppings/ Specialty/ Premier.
Code: WFK
X-Large Jim Stix
Code: WFL
Family Size Garden Salad
Code: WFM