MrJims.Pizza of Southeast Arlington

MrJims.Pizza 0091 - Owner(s): Aaron King
5409 S Collins St , Arlington, TX 76018

Store Hours

Sunday: 11:30:AM to 10:00:PM
Monday: 11:00:AM to 10:00:PM
Tuesday: 11:00:AM to 10:00:PM
Wednesday: 11:00:AM to 10:00:PM
Thursday: 11:00:AM to 10:00:PM
Friday: 11:00:AM to 11:00:PM
Saturday: 11:00:AM to 11:00:PM

Payment Options

Online Payments Accepted:
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards
Credit Cards Accepted:
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
A Word From the Store Owner
In East and Southeast Arlington Our Collins Crew manages one of MrJims.Pizza top stores. Because this store serves more institutional customers than other pizza places they have devised a computer alert system that provides bake-time alarms for all preordered sales. Quite ingenious I must say! I appreciate their honesty, ingenuity, coupled with dedication and the utmost concern for our customer's product and service. This is the finest team of managers this store has had in its 30 years.
Well done and Thank you to Louis, Amy, and Nick.
Unlike most owners I began working at MrJims.Pizza in Arlington at the young age of fifteen.
When I started everyone in the store on West Arkansas had a nickname. Even though the nickname trend has gone by the wayside I was given the nickname Octabius, and still go by that to this day.
I have done everything under the sun at MrJims.Pizza over the last 19 years. Some duties include: washing dishes, delivering orders, managing a team of employees, oven repair, and building maintenance. I have had the privilege of working for two of the greatest people I know, Tom and Eve Osbakken. If you have ever met them then you know what I am talking about.
A few things have changed over the past 19 years at MrJims.Pizza but I still believe in our product and that it is the best pizza in Arlington, Texas. I would like to extend a special thank you to all of the employees and loyal customers year after year that have made MrJims.Pizza in Arlington what it is today!
Aaron "Octabius" King

Try out new Pasta Marinara. We have baked penne that is created for your order. It comes with marinara sauce and cheese but you can also add 2 of your favorite toppings. Try it with our new Italian sausage.

Introducing “Dinner Made Easier”

New familiy size portions of our menu... entrees, salads, and dessert. Feeds 4-7 people.

MrJims.Pizza has always been an easy dinner. But now, we’re making life even easier for family meals or a big spread for the big game.

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