Pizza Survey

Free Pizza Survey

Want to win a free pizza? We know you are very busy and we appreciate the time you are taking to help us by filling out this survey. We will send the 25th person to submit this survey a certificate for a free pizza at any MrJims.Pizza. Please be honest in your answers. We need this data to find out how we can serve you better and to strengthen those areas where we are already doing well. We award a certificate to the 25th submitter regardless of the answers.

The only rules are that you must have purchased something from a MrJims.Pizza within the last 24 hours (we will verify this) and you may only fill out one survey per order, per household.

Contact Information

Phone number you used to place your order:
City of the MrJims.Pizza:

General Survey Questions

Did your order come in an official box, with our logo on it?
Why did you choose MrJims.Pizza today? (choose as many as apply)
I got a coupon in the mail.
I got a coupon on my door.
I saw your TV ad.
My friend recommended it.
I looked in phone book.
I went to your website.
I have ordered MrJims.Pizza before and I like it.
How did you place your order?
I placed the order online and had it delivered.
I called in the order and had it delivered.
I placed the order online and went to pick it up.
I called in the order and went to pick it up.
I ordered in person at the store and picked it up.
What did you order? (choose as many as apply)
Jim Stix
Nacho Stix
Did you enjoy your meal?
Yes, it was excellent.
It was pretty good.
It wasn't exactly what I ordered.
It wasn't at all what I ordered.
It didn't taste right.
I was very unhappy with it.
Did you receive a menu with your order?
If your meal was anything short of excellent, please tell us why.

Overall Satisfaction Questions

How do feel about the value of your MrJims.Pizza dining experience today?
It was great and better than expected, I will order again.
It was okay, I may order again.
It was partially okay, but not what I expected.
It was unfair.
How did you enjoy your total dining experience?
It was excellent!
It was okay, nothing was wrong.
I was somewhat disappointed.
I was very disappointed.
On a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the highest and 0 being the lowest, how likely are you to recommend MrJims.Pizza to a friend or colleague?
If your total dining experience was anything less than excellent, please use the box below to tell us why. Were you over charged? Was there something you ordered you didn't get? Was someone discourteous? I would like to try and get our operation corrected.
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