MrJims.Pizza of Anna

MrJims.Pizza 0138 - Owner(s): Bryce Hamm
701 W White St Suite: #3 , Anna, TX 75409

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Sunday: 10:30:AM to 11:59:PM
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Thursday: 10:30:AM to 11:59:PM
Friday: 10:30:AM to 02:00:AM
Saturday: 10:30:AM to 01:00:AM

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A Word From the Store Owner
Hi! I'm Bryce Hamm, owner of MrJims.Pizza in Anna. Our Hamm family as pictured, from left to right, Stephen, Bryce and Amy.
I'm from Garland, Texas, where I have lived the majority of my life since 1979. Amy is from the Port Arthur area.
We are glad to be a part of Anna and look forward to raising our son, and growing our business here. If you have met me already you probably know I am a pizza fanatic! I grew up with a fascination for pizza, and the industry itself.
My first real job in 1993 was in pizza and I have been doing it ever since. My dream has been to open my own pizza shop for as long as I can remember. I met my wife Amy in the beginning of 2000. Over the years I have dragged Amy around the country on "pizza vacations", trying various pizza shops. One of the places I ate in my childhood was MrJims.Pizza. It was super awesome because of the load of toppings they served.
In my early 20's I finally got the opportunity to work for MrJims.Pizza as a Delivery Driver/Inside Helper. At this point I had worked at many different pizza shops around the D/FW area and in Northwestern Ohio. MrJims.Pizza was the first pizza shop I had worked at where the operations and product actually made sense! MrJims.Pizza became my absolute favorite! After patiently waiting and exploring options, we had the opportunity to acquire the Anna location. I convinced Amy to see the light, and recognize the sheer awesomeness of owning a MrJims.Pizza. Better late than never. Here we are today!
We are fortunate to own a MrJims.Pizza and we offer a product we are extremely proud to serve. Together Amy and I bring you a combined 40 years of restaurant experience which will most definitely amaze you, and keep you visiting our store over and over again! Our son Stephen is now 4 and is getting to grow up around a pizza shop which we couldn't be happier about! We feel running this business as a family is a blessing and we strive to take care of you as if you were a part of our family! We really hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you. We want to be Anna's favorite pizza place and we need you to help us get there. If there is anything we can do to make your dining experience better please call us at the store and let us know. We will do our best to make it happen. We'll see y'all soon!!
If you had a son, or daughter playing in High School or Middle School Anna sports this year, we would like to thank you all for allowing us to provide the travel meals this year. We hope to continue this next year as well
While you are here pick up an order of Supreme Brownie Bites, they are Amy's favorite and I bet you are going to love them too!!!
Try out new Pasta Marinara. We have baked penne and lasagna that is created for your order. It comes with marinara sauce and cheese but you can also add 2 of your favorite toppings. Try it with our fresh vegetables!

Try out new Pasta Marinara. We have baked penne that is created for your order. It comes with marinara sauce and cheese but you can also add 2 of your favorite toppings. Try it with our new Italian sausage.

Introducing “Dinner Made Easier”

New familiy size portions of our menu... entrees, salads, and dessert. Feeds 4-7 people.

MrJims.Pizza has always been an easy dinner. But now, we’re making life even easier for family meals or a big spread for the big game.

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