MrJims.Pizza of Las Vegas

MrJims.Pizza 0149 - Owner(s): Larry Harris
7181 Hualapai Suite: 120 , Las Vegas, NV 89166

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Sunday: 10:00:AM to 02:00:AM
Monday: 10:00:AM to 02:00:AM
Tuesday: 10:00:AM to 02:00:AM
Wednesday: 10:00:AM to 02:00:AM
Thursday: 10:00:AM to 02:00:AM
Friday: 10:00:AM to 02:00:AM
Saturday: 10:00:AM to 02:00:AM

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A Word From the Store Owner
We are proud to have Emily on our team in Las Vegas. It won't be long before she's running the entire show.
Like all the owners of MrJims.Pizza I bought a franchise because I loved the pizzas. I knew that you would love them too and it would be easy to sell tons of them.
I really hope you will give me the opportunuty to serve you. I want to be the neighborhood's favorite pizza place and I need you to help me get there. If there is anything I can do to make your dining experience better please call me at the store and let me know. I will do my best to make it happen.

Try out new Pasta Marinara. We have baked penne that is created for your order. It comes with marinara sauce and cheese but you can also add 2 of your favorite toppings. Try it with our new Italian sausage.

149 Owner of this store.

Introducing “Dinner Made Easier”

New familiy size portions of our menu... entrees, salads, and dessert. Feeds 4-7 people.

MrJims.Pizza has always been an easy dinner. But now, we’re making life even easier for family meals or a big spread for the big game.

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