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What do I pay to MrJims.Pizza initially?

There is an eleven thousand ($11,000) franchise fee up front. This pays for the franchise rights to our recipe and systems. It also covers your initial in-store training. It covers any setup help we give you, such as site selection, planning your floor plan, helping with equipment purchase recommendations, and other advice prior to opening.

What do I pay to MrJims.Pizza on an ongoing basis?

You pay 5% of your sales volume in royalty to MrJims.Pizza. This fee provides you with the continued use of the name and recipes. We are on hand to give you advice and consultation. You get equipment, advertising and food at group discounts.

What are MrJims.Pizza products?

We have a full range of products, including pizzas and many original side dishes. And our pizzas aren't just "pizzas," but pizzas made the MrJims.Pizza way, exactly as ordered, presented, served and delivered in a manner that makes our customers demand more.

What is MrJims.Pizza goal?

To be the world's favorite pizza delivery place.

What makes a successful MrJims.Pizza franchise?

It's not any one factor that makes a MrJims.Pizza restaurant successful, but an important factor is: spend less than you make. With this in mind, we set up each restaurant to earn more than it spends. A vital part of our basic system is to spend as little as possible to get a MrJims.Pizza restaurant open. Then, when you have profits, invest those in additional service facilities.

Where can I open?

You may open your MrJims.Pizza in any area that isn't currently serviced by a MrJims.Pizza franchise. The area should have at least 5,000 mailing addresses within three miles. In a rural area, 3,000 addresses may be enough, especially if there's no competition.

What's in the future?

While we can't predict how well a location will do, we can bring the likelihood of success up to a point where your risk becomes minimal. We need individuals who are willing to use our system because they see it works. People who believe in the system and put in the work necessary to create a profitable restaurant.

Is MrJims.Pizza the best pizza?

We use the best possible ingredients to make the best quality pizza you can buy and at a low price, too. In every aspect of organization, we are dedicated to the creation of the perfect dining experience for our customer.

Why MrJims.Pizza?
  • Good pizza -- We have perfected our recipe over the last 41 years to provide a good pizza at a low price.
  • Portion control -- One of the biggest problems in any food business is wasted food. We have discovered a 100% workable way to strictly control portions so that you can avoid costly waste.
  • State of the art Customer Engagement System see details here.
  • Over 160 years of combined experience in MrJims.Pizza headquarters staff.
  • Comprehensive operations manual -- You'll operate with a 220-page manual which describes exactly how to run your MrJims.Pizza from the marketing plans to cleaning equipment.
  • All-inclusive specifications manual -- A complete reference that has everything you need to operate your MrJims.Pizza according to our specifications.
  • Full set of simple color charts. We have reduced every aspect of food preparation to simple charts with full-color photographs and step-by-step instructions.
  • "Stimulating" Pizza Making DVD -- MrJim (yes, there is a real MrJim) explains and demonstrates exactly how to make a MrJims.Pizza pizza.
  • 51-point MrJims.Pizza store opening program
  • Low franchise fee

An up-front fee of $11,000 is one of the lowest in the industry. Fees for your second and subsequent stores are only half of the franchise fee at that time.

  • Fair royalty
  • Low start-up cost
  • Thirty years of success to back you up
  • Setup help
  • Cost savings on food purchases
  • Beverage contracts with soft drink companies save you money
  • Cost savings on advertising purchases
  • Cost savings on equipment
  • Help in locating used equipment
  • Administrative training available
  • Successful marketing campaigns
  • Advice always available
  • 10% referral fee
  • And much more!