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The MrJims.Pizza Order Entry System [JOES] is a fully integrated Software as a Service web application. It has several components:

  • JOES Point of Sale System [POS]: A website for you and your staff to enter pizza orders that come in over the phone or at the counter. The website can only be accessed via a fingerprint reader. It will track all payroll expenses. Use the scheduling tool so that employees cannot clock-in early without a manager's permission. Use the report generator to precisely evaluate all your advertising results and sales patterns. Search customer history and sales data. An employee messaging system that requires fingerprint acknowledgement that the employee has read the message. There is a built in reward points system with double the points for online orders.
  • JOES Online Order Portal [Online]: This is where customers go to enter their own orders on their computers or phones and tablets. We were the first chain to have 100% of our stores able to accept online orders back in 2006. Pizza Hut to this day does not have all stores accepting online orders. Customers order more when ordering online so we encourage online orders. Some stores will get more than 50% of their sales via online orders. Our online order percentage of total sales is much higher than other chains of our size. If a customer clicks on one of our web ads it brings them to Online with that offer already populated to their cart. We use internet web advertising extensively and can very precisely measure our results. Each customer click is tracked and we know what ad brought in orders. Customers can save their favorite orders. When the customer calls for an order you will be using the same online account for his order so reward points will accumulate faster.
  • JOES Organiation Information Center [OIC]: A mobile website that provides a back office solution for owners and staff only. See what your stats are in real-time. You can change your store hours, delivery times, driver reimbursements and many other features. See the sales at all locations. Employees have their own login where they see their schedule, training videos, and any system messages.
  • JOES Admin Portal [Admin]: The admin side of the site were we set up your menu for you. Also we enter any needed coupons. You just send a note and it is done for you.
  • The HomePage: As well as customer general interest items and specials. There is a separate page for each location with their menu and delivery map. This is optimized for all devices.

If you suggest a new feature or option that is accepted by us, it is coded and available at all stores right then with no software update needed on your end. All support and new updates are included in your royalty. Most other pizza companies require the purchase of a third party point of sale provider for thousands more than our initial cost. Those third parties then have monthly maintenance costs of up to $200 per month. System upgrades are at additional costs. Errors on those systems are not corrected until the patch is downloaded to your local machines.


After a decade of research we have found the best and most reliable provider for internet telephone service. No customer ever gets a busy signal. The phones are answered by MrJim himself. He makes a quick sales pitch before passing the call onto one of your staff. While waiting in queue MrJim offers more items to increase order size. A cut phone line doesn't stop calls. Just quickly change the phone system settings to send calls to any cell phone. Forward calls to any number. If the customer calls looking for the driver, forward the call directly to the driver.


Because JOES and the phones are web based you do not need to be in the store to take calls or use JOES. Just set up a computer and a phone at your home. When you take an order at home, or wherever you are in the world, it prints in the store. Run any needed reports. Watch order flow in real-time. Do payroll from home. Some operators have staff that take orders during busy times from the employee's home.


Purchase a web based video surveillance system. Everything is recorded and can be viewed in real-time through any device with web access.

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